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The Story

The Frumlancers story begins a while ago, when an entrepreneur from the commmunity realized he needs someone to do a web project, and people to do graphic and marketing work. Freelancers from the community would be the best choice. But he didn't know people who would do it for the right price. He ended up working with people from various cultures around the globe. Communications weren't good. He ended up frustrated with poor quality, and a waste of time and money. Efforts to find people from within the community failed, as the connections just weren't there.


People from other cultures are likely to understand and mean different things. Expectations are likely not to be aligned. It is is also more risky to trust someone who's a complete unknown with sensitive business needs.
Many professionals and business owners in the Torah community are not comfortable or willing to use wide open international online platforms. So connecting to the right people online was difficult.

All this contributed to a huge disconnect in our market.

A new way of working in the community is born

In response, we created a new web-based platform that brings visibility to freelancers from the community and trust to remote work. We realize other businesses will also benefit from reliable access to a larger pool of quality talent. Workers will enjoy freedom and flexibility to find appropriate jobs online. 

A world of opportunities

Through Frumlancers businesses get more done, connecting with freelancers to work on projects from web and mobile app development to SEO, social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, admin help and thousands of other projects. Frumlancers makes it fast, simple, and cost-effective to find, hire, work with, and pay the best professionals in the community anywhere, any time.

Frumlancers’ mission and values

To create an effective work environment which puts Torah values first.


To connect businesses with great talent from within the community, to do great and appropriate work.

To create economic opportunities for freelancers in the community and help business be both more effective and le'katchila.


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